Postproduktion Producer – Lars Karich

Between 2007 and 2011 i was involved in this Project, taking care on all kinds of aspects relating the postproduction of this Footage Massacre. Thas included the job as the Technical Director Editorial / Online Edit / ColorCorrection /
and finally the Planing of a Communication. Which helped developing Trailers and Posters+++

planing and setting up the technical editorial environment: xsan, fibre- and ethernet network, data structures and naming
developing a php/html based databanc for holding the footage resource information
managing the editorial with max. 3 editors, 20 researchers ++
developing a communication strategy for the film

Director Ralf Schmerberg
Editor Ralf Schmerberg, Robert Kummer, Martin Swan…
Production Mindpirates 2010
Produced by Ralf Schmerberg, Ben Schneider, Andro Steinborn
coop Postproduction Arri, Berlin
Music Rudi Moser
Book Joe Holden
Length 108 min


An unprecedented philosophical art cinema experience, PROBLEMA is a film that looks at you as you watch it, that speaks to you in a multilingual mantra made of the voices, insights, perceptions and reflections of over 100 people sat together at the world’s largest round table. Spanning seventeen questions confronting who we are and where we’re going, PROBLEMA asks you to ask yourself, amid a mindbending, visually thrilling ride into a world of global dilemmas.

1st Trailer 252sec

2nd Trailer 300sec

complete Film:

more about the film:
incl download, film with 10 subtitle sets …

award_Euro_Doc_Laurel_2011_01 award_Silent_River_2011


“Remember Cernobyl”

Postsupervisor / Editor – Lars Karich

4 weeks of preselecting and prepping all footage for edit
edit within 1 day, 1 night by robert kummer
online edit and soundfinish by me

An atmospheric short film installation commemorating a human catastrophe, TSCHERNOBYL was Mindpirates’ contribution to the ‘Endtimes Café’ (Café Endlager), an interactive exhibition featuring works by over 30 contemporary artists on the theme of nuclear power.

Director Ralf Schmerberg
Edit Robert Kummer
Music Rudolf Moser + Moritz Wolpert
Productioncompany mindpirates
Year of Production 03/2010
Length 13min
produced for Entega /”Cafe Endlager”


Frida Weyer

Editor Lars Karich

nice little edit on- and backstage
shooten at the Frida Weyer 2009 Berlin Fashionweek
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show Week 2009@ Chamaeleon Varité Theatre

Camera / Director Sandra Schaede

frida weyer

For more information:


Editor Lars Karich

my first work with director and author bernd heiber
edit of trailer for feature film “herzentöter”


director Bernd Heiber
productioncompany Ziegler Film Gmbh
year of production 2007

Mikitsch Katja Flint
Kobja Xaver Hutter
Hanusch Paul Faßnacht

For more:

Sony “Be like no Other”

Edit Assistance Lars Karich

I assisted Rick Waller on this project, edited in his own house in london.
We stayed there for weeks, editing the footage which lilibet shot in bejing and later in LA.

“Content” Marketing for Sony Vaio

Agency Radical Media London
Director Lilibet Foster
Edit Rick Waller
Producer Ben Schneider
Productioncompany Radical Media, London
Year of Production 2006

Bejing – Redefining the Skyscraper


Ole Scheeran, a german Architect, is building the chinese TV Headquarter for the 2008 Olympics – actually the biggest Construction worldwide.

Los Angeles – The Art of Illusions


Marleen Stuart – oscare priced costum designer is reflecting her work.


Postsupervisor /Edit Assistend Lars Karich

from the shooting in Portland, starting the edit of the campagne for the american market in a Hotel Room – switching to San Francisco and finishing in Los Angeles, all in 5 weeks.
Mediabudget raised after presentation from 250mio to 500mio.

Agency Goodby & Silversteen / San Francisco
Director Ralf Schmerberg
Edit Rick Waller
DoP Jörg-Schmitt Reitwein
Productioncompany Chrome / Los Angeles
Year of Production 2005

Apartment TVC 30sec


IT TVC 30sec


Salesman TVC 30sec


Shopper TVC 30sec


VW Fox “White Room”

Edit Assistance / Editor Lars Karich


Rick focussed on the rythm, developing the music layout by himself
so i got the option to edit parts of the TVC by myself.

VW VOX Launching Campagne for the German Market

Agency DDB Berlin
Director Ralf Schmerberg
Edit Rick Waller
Music Rick Waller + Christian Moser
Productioncompany Triggerhappyproductions Berlin / Radical Media Berlin
Year of Production 2005

Dropping Knowledge

Editor Lars Karich

my first work, as an editor, with director ralf schmerberg
edited for the dropping knowledge project, which resulted in the feature length film “Problema”
It reflects as an emotional collage of the idea.


Duration 8min
Year of Production 2005


Editor Lars Karich


stayed with ralf schmerberg at the kassel karma kagyi meeting 2004
he was shooting and editing while the event happend
i was assisting, taking care on Kassel footage and edit
then edited this spot about the Meeting of this school in Poland

The Karmapa is the Head of the Karma Kagyu, the largest sub-school of the Kagyupa, itself one of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Documentation about the world biggest meeting of this school in Poland.

Duration 12 min
Year of production 2004

Jim Beam

Editor / Camera Lars Karich

little edit about the jim beam Air Guitare festival representation – promoting its label all over Germanys open air concerts with an for everybody open, airguitar karaoke stage.


Director Niklas Weise
Duration 60 sec
Production Company Triggerhappyproductions
Year of Production 2004