05 2016 – 032 c
Post Supervising

04 2016 – facebook
Post Supervising

11 2015 – Pussy Riot
post Supervising

10 2015 – Tiefschwarz feat. Khan
live video set for Melt festival
Post Supervising + Edit
complete Set

03 2015 – Samsung – what it feels like – commercial
Post Supervising

seit 2015 – Inderella / working title
Post Supervising
a little of the taste

01 2015 – BMW – Augmented by Reality – commercial
Post Supervising

11 2014 – Hypovereinsbank – commercial
Post Supervising

07 2014 – Meret Becker
Post Supervising
Seven Death of a Bird

08/2013 – Post Supervisor
The Lovers

since 02/2013 – postsupervisor
the history of Redbull Music Academy,
60 min content marketing

09/2012 – 02/2013 – postsupervisor, editor
AUDI “Land of Quattro”

11/2012 – editor, postsupervisor
“Der Tod nimmt sich einen Tag nach dem anderen…”
Retrospektive Ralf Schmerberg

07 – 11 2012 – postsupervisor

06 – 07/2012 – technical director
Radical Media
director Ralf Schmerberg

05/2012 – postsupervisor

04/2012 – dozent
FIGD, Berlin
postproduction, av-dramaturgy, script+storyboard development for feature and games

03/2012 – postsupervisor
director Ralf Schmerberg

02/2012 – technical director
Lional Williams – Jam Sessions
7 tage, Sound + Video recording and live stream setup + admin
Mindpirates Production

12/2011 – postsupervisor
Redbull Music Academy – Madrid 2011

11/2011 – postsupervisor
ARD Hauptstadtstudio – Thomas Gottschalk, Trailer
director Ralf Schmerberg

10/2011 – dozent
BBW, IHK-Meisterklasse
digital media und post production workflow management

09 -10/2011 – postsupervisor
STEPSTONE “We love Work”
director Ralf Schmerberg

05/2011 – postsupervisor
LEVIS “Go Forth”

04/2011 – dozent
FIGD, Berlin
postproduction, av-dramaturgy, script+storyboard development for feature and games

01/2011 – technical director

10/2008 – 06/2012 – postproduktion producer

05/2009 – head of production / postsupervisor / actor
“Teneriffa Exit”

05/2010 – editor
Entega, “Cafe Endlager” Stuttgart, exhibition
- history of german anti-atom movement
“Remember Cernobyl”

01/2010 – postsupervisor
Nikon “I AM”

09/2009 – postsupervisor
O2 – MTV “Tickets”

09/2009 – edit trailer
Frida Weyer

01/2009 – consultant
Post Production and Workflow Conception
Trigger Happy Productions GmbH

11/2009 – postsupervisor
VW – 50 years
Radical Media Berlin
director Sebastian Strasser

09/2008 – postsupervisor
London Times
director Ralf Schmerberg
edit Martin Swan, Mark Reynolds

07/2008 – postsupervisor
Hornbach “Haus der Vorstellung

04 – 08/2008 – postsupervisor

01/2008 – postsupervisor

10/2007 – producer, editor
Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin
10 min imagefilm

06 – 09/2007 – editors assistend
6. Babelsberg
director Wachowski Brothers

05/2007 – editor, trailer

02/2007 – associate producer
Berlinale – Garage Flicks

06/2006 – editors assistend – postsupervisor
Sony “Be like no Other”

01/2006 – editor
VW – Moonraker
Trigger Happy Productions

12/2005 – editor
15 min doc

10/2005 – editors assistend – postsupervisor

09/2005 – editor
“Dropping Knowledge”

07/2005 – dozent
Antirassismus-Musikvideo production with

05/2005 – editors assistend
VW Fox “White Room”

01/2005 – editor
Cinema for Peace, Berlinale Trailer

10 – 12/2004 – editor doc

10/2004 – editors assistend
AUDI “Reduction”

08/2004 – editor + dop
“Jim Beam”

10/2003 – editors assistend – postsupervising
BMW “Roads”

2003 – 2005 – employed @ Triggerhappyproductions
Editor and Postproductionsupervisor
concept und realisation for internal postproduction

2002 – diplom
„Propaganda in Hollywood – die Konstruktion von Stereotypen im Hollywood – Mainstream Kino“

1999 – production
“Die Totale Therapy”
GWK – diplom project
Verleihsuche, Entwicklung und Präsentation der Kommunikationskampagne für den deutschlandweiten Start von „Die Totale Therapie“ (Regie: Christian Frosch)
Produktion des Hörfunk – und Kinolayoutspots sowie der audiovisuellen Präsentation

1999 internship
Scholz & Friends, Berlin

1998 u.1999
Metrobeatfestival, „Das Büro“ Berlin

1997 – Setdesign + DJ
Medienkunstfestival Ostranenie, Bauhaus – Stiftung Dessau

Red Bull Music Academy

Post Supervisor Lars Karich

director Ralf Schmerberg
dop Ralf Schmerberg, Kevin Klein
editor Einar Snörri
production Mindpirates

Internet Premier 18.Feb.2014

Teaser, 30sec

finale Trailer, 2min30sec

and, last but not least, the complete film:

Odyssey of the Lovers: one day was enough

Post Supervisor Lars Karich

edit Ralf Schmerberg/Kevin Klein
production mindpirates e.V.

lovers pic

The Lovers set out to create a transformational happening: on August 25th and 26th, 2012, 400 participants came together on an idyllic island of perfect nature outside of Berlin for an ambitious musical jam session, uniting 100 international musicians and running non-stop for twenty-four hours.
The artist collective Mindpirates conceptualized and brought to life The Lovers. They conceived it as “a search and experiment to evoke love and human gratitude among each other and towards the universe”.
The invitation to The Lovers promised an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. On site, the event morphed into a cathartic tempest, a caged whirlwind of both love and hate, epiphany and confusion. Many left before it was over, while others wanted for it to never end. A year on, some remember The Lovers with passionate fondness and still struggle to find words to describe it, while for others the dream had turned nightmarish and left a bitter feeling.

see the 90 min documentation of this event:


Technical Director / Postsupervisor Lars Karich


around the SD archiv footage based edit of Ralf Schmerberg – Klaus and me were developing a way of how to screen and scale that up to 4 times for projection.

The Edit was made for a Projection during Berlinale 2011, sponsored by Entega, to promote their activities in renewable engergies and their collaboration with the Berlinale. The Projection was placed at the Entrance of the Tiergarten on a rack – 54m x 15m, from the 10.2. to the 20.2.2011

Director / Edit Ralf Schmerberg
Sounddesign Rudi Moser
3D Artist / Projection Online Klaus Singer
Installation Eidotech

here the complete projection:

Nikon “I AM”

Postsupervisor Lars Karich

archiv + shooting,
manage archiv footage research,
music research,
build and manage source databanc

Agency Jung von Matt / Spree
Director Ralf Schmerberg
Edit Einar Snörri + Hannes Andresen
Music Radical Face “Welcome Home”
Productioncompany Trigger Happy Productions, Berlin

Year of Production 2010

Brandfilm 122sec

D7000 30sec

D3100 30sec

S3000 30sec

S8000 30sec

Teneriffa Exit

Actor, Production- and Postproduction Coordinator Lars Karich

teneriffa exit plakat

Production FKK Finsterwalde 2011
Written and Directed by Bernd Heiber
Length 90 min

watch the complete film

Natascha Paulick, Christian Eckert, Paul Faßnacht, Wolf List, Frieder Venus,
Hans Krüger, Dietmar Obst, Reginald Grünenberg

director of photography: Uwe Mann
first assistent camera: Nicole Sperhake
materialassistence: Paul Wuttke, Julius Weigel
montage: Antje Dombrowsky
production design: Björn Nowak
production design assistence: Melanie Raab
set decoration : Helmut Blattner
1st AD: Franziska Preuß
script / continuity: Frederic Storm
casting: Marion Samuel
still fotografer: Julia von Vietinghoff
sound: Konstantin Kirilow
sounddesign: Stefan Winkler
soundmix: Martin Grube
colour grading: Till Beckmann
translation: Dylan Carter
producer: Moschko Blank
written and directed by: Bernd Heiber

DER DR!TTE MANN, Andreas Hirche, Danilloff,
Rolf Hammermüller, Christof Hanusch

LEVIS “Go Forth”

Postsupervisor Lars Karich

Shooting Nikon D3s
div. locations and travels
finish of the tvc in portland

Agency Weiden & Kennedy, Portland
Director Ralf Schmerberg
Productioncompany Radical Media, N.Y.
Year of Production 2011

TVC 60sec

Directors Cut 12min


Postsupervisor Lars Karich

archiv and shooting based production
nikon d3 shooting in china and later in italy

Agency Weiden & Kennedy, Shanghai
Director / Editor Ralf Schmerberg
Productioncompany Trigger Happy Productions
Year of Production 2011

TVC 92sec

Shanghai Autoshow Spot 127sec



postsupervising and online edit Lars karich

posession for web

shooten in high summer, editorial over a period of 4 month

Director / Editor Ralf Schmerberg
Music Rudolf Moser + Tiefblau + u.a.
Productioncompany Mindpirates
Year of Production 2012
Length 16min

A modern horror film unfolds during a Berlin Club night. Drugs, excess and seemingly beautiful people form the backbone of the story. Two friends discover a corpse floating in the Spree wearing a most beautiful golden dress. This moment turns fatal for the two woman. Driven by jelaousy, envy and greed, they bring ruthless ruin to each other.



Lars Karich
Schönhauser Allee 156 / 2
D 10435 Berlin

0049 (0)30 – 4427731

AUDI “Land of Quattro”

Post Supervisor Lars Karich

from juli 2012 until feb 2013,
comprehensive footage research and shooting (each contry)
first, was the russian spot – which took ages to finish
followed by germany, austria and ch

Agency thjnk Berlin
Director / Editor Ralf Schmerberg
Art Director Stefan Schulte
Productioncompany Triggerhappyproductions Berlin
Year of Production 2012/13

Russia, TVC 60sec

Edit Fabrizio Rosetti
Music concert…no

Germany, TVC 60sec

Edit Fabrizio Rosetti
Music Rudolf Moser

Germany, Directors Cut 60sec

Edit Ralf Schmerberg
Music Wagner, Tannhäuser “Overtüre”

Austria, TVC 45sec

Edit Fabrizio Rosetti

Switzerland, TVC 30sec

Edit Maurizio